My “Quest for Mobile” started years ago on sales calls.  I’d mention something, the client or prospect wanted to see it, I’d say it was back at my office… I couldn’t carry everything with me unless I had a file cabinet in my car trunk.  Then I purchased my first computer and a word-processing program.  I could carry thousands of documents on a couple of floppy disks!  Still, I couldn’t view or work with those files without a computer.  I also remember carrying that first computer, monitor, and accessories to the early computer club meetings.  Not very portable at all.  Years later I was at a computer group meeting, pulled a device from my shirt pocket, realized there was more computing horsepower in that little device than all that stuff that years before had filled my back seat, and the SD card in the device held more data than a large box of those early floppy disks.

This blog started almost 10 years ago and was first hosted on Microsoft’s MSN, then Windows Live Spaces.  Some of the content was written by me for Computer User Group newsletters; I posted other material on various web sites.  I decided to put everything I was writing in one place, so this blog was born.  Sadly, Microsoft and I both lost interest in blogging until recently.  I purchased an iPad and wanted to share my thoughts about it, good and bad.  Then I received an e-mail from Microsoft saying Windows Live Spaces was closing, and urging me to switch to WordPress.  Creating a new blogspace, then importing some of my articles from Windows Live, couldn’t have been easier.  I noticed a couple of minor flaws, but I was quite impressed with how well planned the migration was.  Hats off and a salute to both Microsoft and WordPress!

PDA Computing.  Does anyone use the term “PDA” anymore?  You may not hear that specific phrase, but everyone with an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android Smartphone, Blackberry, Windows 7 Phone and similar devices, is using a Personal Digital Assistant.  It’s a music player, movie screen, game console, message center, Rolodex, notepad, camera, movie camera, photo album, web browser, mobile office and more, all tucked into your cell phone, and much easier to carry and use than a laptop computer.  The number of such devices, already in the millions, grows by thousands every day!

So, what’s best?  Aren’t these portable devices almost all the same?  Actually, the only thing that’s the same is appearance.  Specs, capabilities, usability, build quality…very different.  The feature set that I require may be of little use to you.  What should you know, and what should you buy?  That’s what this blog and many other sites are all about.

John Blasdell


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