Another Dead Blog?

Three months since the last post!  Hmmm.  Well, as they say, “Stuff Happens.”  In this case it was a physical move to a new residence followed by illness.  The scary thing was that it took a month of tests, Doctor visits, and a stay in the hospital to figure out what was wrong.  The Doctor who figured it out wasn’t even one of my Doctors, and it took him about five minutes to diagnose the problem and the remedy.  He saw the Big Picture; others were concentrating on specific organs, functions, and tests.  Hopefully, all that is behind me, and I can now return to Life As I Knew It.  I’m not a happy camper when I’m ill, and I have no patience.  I want answers and The Cure NOW (I know, doesn’t everyone!?).


About pdacomputing

Small business owner in Pittsburgh, PA. I've used different mobile platforms over the years; currently using 2 very different platforms.
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