The Device

After selecting the OS features important to you, you must review the list again along with the list below for each device.  You would think devices running the same OS would have almost identical features.  Not so.  Reviewing different devices, I am amazed at how this feature or that is not present, or not exactly the same, in every device.   Different manufacturers may choose to leave out features, or may include their own software in certain models.

This is especially true if you’re comparing Android devices: you must determine the exact OS version of each device!  An Android device released tomorrow may actually have an old version of the OS.  I don’t know why, and I also don’t know why Google would allow old versions to be released.  Every device, no matter which OS, should come with the latest version of the OS and built-in applications.  Many consumers aren’t into details, so they buy what the salesperson or a friend says is the latest and greatest, then can’t understand why their new Smartphone won’t do the same things as their friends’.

Android from Google is very fragmented.  Different hardware, different screen sizes, different OS versions, almost everything is different between devices.  One thing we can’t predict is which Android devices will receive which upgrades and updates.  Many Android users have devices capable of the latest software, but they’ll never see those updates.

I did see a chart at another web site that showed HTC devices were most likely to receive Android updates, followed by Motorola.  Other manufacturers were much less likely, or not likely at all, to release updates for Android devices.  Buyer beware!


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Small business owner in Pittsburgh, PA. I've used different mobile platforms over the years; currently using 2 very different platforms.
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