Mobile OS Comparison

  • Does the OS include ALL the PIM fields found in Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mobile (make a list)?  More fields?  Additional, mappable fields that will sync?  Categories/groups?
  • List and sync more than one of each type telephone number for each contact?
  • Can a Contact belong to just one category/group or multiple categories/groups?
  • The Contact List (address book) must hold 500+ individual contacts, with multiple phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and physical addresses per contact.
  • The Calendar must include a snooze function.  What time increments does snooze offer?  How easy to snooze an alarm for a specific user definable time?
  • Does Calendar offer Agenda, Day, Week, Month, and List “views?”  Other views?
  • Does this OS sync to Windows PCs?  Which versions?  Macs?  Which versions?  The “cloud?”  Which cloud-based services does the OS sync with?  What does it sync?
  • What syncs with what and how?  Contacts?  Calendar?  Notes?  Bookmarks?  Docs?
  • The old PalmOS HotSync program was quite flexible and powerful — you could select whether to sync, or the Desktop PC or the device overwrote the other, for just this sync or always, for each function and app, or everything.  What sync options does this OS offer?
  • Does the OS include all necessary PIM functions and fields, or are third-party apps needed?  Do the 3rd-party apps sync everything, or are they limited?  How likely for these third-party developers to continue providing development and support.  What’s the experience and background of the third-party developers?
  • Can you backup to and restore from removable media such as SD cards and O-T-A cloud-based services?  Which ones?  Backups should be both complete system (program and data image) and Doc folders (option to do either or both).  If I need to restore a file or the device 1,000 miles from home, how easy and/or possible is that?
  • Adjustable font sizes for viewing all functions!
  • Can the OS and device function well if there is no Internet access, or does it need the Internet to function?
  • The web browser must work well with Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and other web-mail services.  Does work properly site-wide?
  • E-mail works with how many accounts, both POP + IMAP?  Separate mailboxes?
  • Exactly how to get programs and data to and from the device?
  • Exactly how to “side-load” apps?
  • What can be stored on removable media such as SD cards?
  • If I install an app to removable media, change and use other removable media, will the app’s icon still appear in the launcher?  What happens if I click on the icon and try to run the app?  If I then insert and use the first removable media, will the app still work, or will it be ‘uninstalled’?
  • Must have a large selection of free and/or inexpensive high quality apps in different categories.  A new, waning, or unpopular OS may offer few developers and apps.
  • Ability to customize Program Launcher/Desktop so apps display the way I want (arrange icons, menu groups ala Windows’ Start Menu, by categories, folders…)?
  • Limitation on number of apps on device?
  • A full-featured Notes app, in OS or downloadable.
  • A full-featured Microsoft Office-compatible app suite, in OS or downloadable.
  • Office suite must be capable of complex formatting, and not destroying the formatting of existing documents.
  • What file formats (.rtf, .docx, .txt, .xls, etc.) does the Office Suite read and write?
  • Office suite must be compatible with and use .TTF or other standard fonts.
  • Must be able to zoom in and zoom out while editing.
  • How easy is it to select a block of text or a single character for editing?
  • Office suite or other app views .PDF documents.
  • Alarm clock with loud alarm, in OS or downloadable.
  • What solutions are offered for short distance (same-room) file transfers?  Compatible with other platforms?
  • What input methods are offered (keyboards, Graffiti, handwriting, voice…)?
  • Do keyboard(s) offer all characters and functions (such as arrow keys)?
  • Voice Command with advanced speech recognition to announce incoming phone calls (say callers’ names if they’re in Contacts), messages, e-mail, calendar events, system notifications (low battery, etc.), Voice Dial calls by number or name from Contacts, open and run apps, create and dictate notes, enter URLs, do a web search, find a map location or navigate to an address…  Voice should also read documents, web pages, and other elements.
  • Is video calling supported at the OS level or just through Apps?  Cross-platform or just to/from other users of this OS?  Videoconferencing?
  • Must be able to open, work with, and create zip files.
  • Does the OS support printing from all Apps to a wide variety of printers?  Details?
  • Frequent OS updates always available to all devices?
  • Soft resets: how easy and necessary?  Does the device reboot fast?  Data lost?
  • What features does this platform/OS offer that other platforms don’t?

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Small business owner in Pittsburgh, PA. I've used different mobile platforms over the years; currently using 2 very different platforms.
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