Mobile OS and Device Comparison

I was recently in the market for a new Smartphone (after comparing many devices, I kept my old Smartphone).  Friends and salespeople alike assured me this Smartphone or that one would fulfill my needs and do everything I wanted.  I didn’t believe their well-meaning advice for a minute!  Smartphones and their operating systems are quite different, and many people couldn’t answer basic questions about the device(s) they were promoting!  Well, exactly what features are important to me?  I should make a list.  First, the OS itself, then the specific capabilities of the individual phones.

There are three lists below.  You may wish to copy the lists, edit them to your own needs, then print them out or copy them to your Smartphone for use in selecting the best device for you.  I know, I’ve taken what is usually just an emotional decision, and turned it into a process that will take hours of gathering data and impartial comparing.  This is from years of experience doing the same things over and over > get excited, think this is the device for me, buy the device, discover its shortcomings, feel disappointed then mad at myself, decide if I live with this device or take it back…it’s much easier to gather info, then make the correct decision.  First, the OS.  What are the features, strengths, and weaknesses of each Operating System?


About pdacomputing

Small business owner in Pittsburgh, PA. I've used different mobile platforms over the years; currently using 2 very different platforms.
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