Mobile Device Specs and Comparison

  • Is the device new or an older model?  When was the device released?
  • What is the device’s processor?  The latest and fastest?  Don’t purchase a new device with a slow or last-generation processor!
  • What is the realistic battery life?  Battery capacity?  Replaceable battery?  What is the cost of a spare OEM battery?
  • High-res screen?  Which technology?  Usable outdoors?  Is the screen flush or recessed (protected)?  How does the screen compare with other current devices?
  • Is the device good at finding and holding cellular and Wi-Fi signals in weak areas?
  • Device must have GPS that works with maps, location-based apps and services.
  • Maps must show locations, turn-by-turn directions, and traffic updates.
  • Includes Wi-Fi and software that makes it easy to find and sign in to hotspots.
  • Tethered modem support, at no additional charge (how I use my 5Gb or whatever monthly allotment should be my choice).
  • Is the removable media easy to access, or hidden behind the battery?
  • Push e-mail or present system of text messages for each incoming e-mail.
  • Web browser must be able to properly access sites I use, including web-based e-mail.
  • 8Mp or higher camera with flash.  Pictures and videos must compare favorably with other phone cameras.
  • HD video capture and playback.
  • Camera and software for video conferencing.
  • Text, picture, and video messaging.
  • Good quality (and volume) speakerphone.  Easy to turn speakerphone feature on/off?
  • 3.5mm headset jack, not some weird non-standard jack.  Also see Bluetooth specs.
  • Must have BT 2.1 EDR or above.  Which Bluetooth protocols are supported?
  • Does the device work with Bluetooth and wired external keyboards?
  • Do the soft and hardware keyboards offer ALL the standard keys including arrow keys?  All the usual keyboard shortcuts such as Control-X, Control-V, etc.?
  • How much crapware is in ROM?  Are there apps in ROM that I don’t use, or will replace with similar but better apps?  Able to hide or delete crapware?
  • Does the device multitask?  For everything or just certain functions?  What is the total and available-to-user ROM capacity?  RAM?  Is the device responsive, or lags when several things happen at once?
  • Does this device have the latest OS version?  Does it qualify for future OS upgrades?
  • Is this primarily a “social networking device,” a “multimedia consumption device,” a “gaming device,” a “mobile office device,” OR can I customize it to be exactly what I want?
  • Device size and weight?  Enter data, use the web browser; how does it “feel?”
  • Is the device solid or flimsy?  Are the doors and covers going to stay on and last?
  • What is the device manufacturer’s reputation for build quality?
  • How are repairs and warranty handled?  Where?
  • Cost, coverage, and duration of device insurance from the carrier?

About pdacomputing

Small business owner in Pittsburgh, PA. I've used different mobile platforms over the years; currently using 2 very different platforms.
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