Hello World!

It’s Monday morning, and I’ve completed the migration of this blog from Windows Live Spaces to WordPress.  Reading over the material to see if everything migrated properly, I had two thoughts.  First, the devices we use today were the stuff of science fiction only 5 years ago.  Can you imagine seeing someone use an iPad 5 years ago?  If he told you everyone back on Mars had a similar device, you’d have been at a loss whether to believe him or not.  Sounds crazy, but the more you watched him use the device, the more logical it would have seemed.  If you’re not familiar with the iPad, stop by an Apple Store or other Apple retailer; I guarantee you’ll be amazed.

Second, although many of the ideas and concepts are still valid, the specifics are outdated.  I’m unsure whether to leave the old posts up.  I know which points are still valid, and you may too, depending on your interests and technical expertise.  My fear is that someone unfamiliar with this subject will read an article from 2005 and not know which points, if any, are still valid.  Treat the older articles the same as if you found them in a museum, which essentially you have.

I’m using a curious mix of mobile devices.  Something old, something new.  My newest acquisition and #2 device, purchased 8 months ago, is an iPad.  It’s all I hoped it would be, and I use it every day.  Maybe too much.  The iPad goes 10 or more hours before needing recharged; I was charging it every night.  I realized it had become an addiction, and cut back my usage.  I purchased an iPad for many reasons, one of the main reasons being screen size.  After years of using 2 and 3-inch screens, I was having trouble reading small type, especially some web sites.  I could zoom in, but it was like reading a newspaper through a magnifying glass — not the best or fastest way to surf.  The iPad, while far less portable and NOT pocketable, is just right for reading, be it the web, ebook or magazine, documents, notes, whatever.

The iPad is quite a device.  It’s not something I can properly analyze in a paragraph or two, so I’ll discuss the iPad later, in detail.


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Small business owner in Pittsburgh, PA. I've used different mobile platforms over the years; currently using 2 very different platforms.
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